A Small Slice

One time I misread a note on a piece of paper which was written below a drawing of a skeleton. A friend of mine had drawn the skeleton and written the note. The paper was probably 10" x 14". Truthfully I don't know how big or small it was because I didn't measure it. What's... Continue Reading →

At The Theatre, Taking Notes

Almost silhouetted against a pale blue horizon the London skyline’s inner lights, iridescent lights  in the black angular and occasionally jagged shapes, came from windows in which people went about their lives: preparing dinners, cleaning flats, watching televisions, drinking with friends, typing on computers, talking on the phone to loved ones far away, etc. People... Continue Reading →

Writing again

Over the past few years I don't think I've written much. The things I have written, I've since decided, and maybe a little bit knew at the time, that I don't like for one reason or another. It's frustrating, really. Writing used to be something I would do at least once/week, Tuesdays if memory serves,... Continue Reading →


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