A Company Dude?

I was thinking about this earlier today: to all appearances, I'm a company man. I've moved up in the company, though not quickly; I get frustrated by people who don't work very hard; I generally try and do things the right way, and get annoyed by people who cut corners; and I feel genuinely good... Continue Reading →

An Open Note to the FCC

Net Neutrality is again under attack, and this time I don't feel so hopeful about the outcome. Everyone should go to gofccyourself.com and comment that net neutrality is something we need. "Hello, I am writing to ask that you maintain your current policy towards net neutrality. Allowing a deregulation of the internet is something that... Continue Reading →

Germany (5)

After taking the train to Alexanderplatz, we walked past the Fernsehturm (apparently one of the most famous structures in Berlin, along with the Brandenburger Tur). The Fernsehturm (TV Tower) is probably the tallest building in Berlin; we pointed it out to each other whenever we spotted it, which was often. We walked around the area of Alexanderplatz... Continue Reading →

3 Sixes and An Ace, Forty-Six

Unlike every other place I've been, in Wisconsin most bartenders play dice with their customers. Suddenly from across the room, you can hear a cup filled with dice being shaken and slammed down on the bar to see what shows. I've rolled once before, and that was when I first moved here. I didn't really get the... Continue Reading →


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