An Open Note to the FCC

Net Neutrality is again under attack, and this time I don’t feel so hopeful about the outcome. Everyone should go to and comment that net neutrality is something we need.

I am writing to ask that you maintain your current policy towards net neutrality. Allowing a deregulation of the internet is something that could (and in all likelihood, would) negatively affect many people, small business owners, even schools and hospitals.
As a person who hates being told what to do, I can understand the appeal of a system that lacks rules and regulations; however, a lack of oversight is not something that corporations and big companies have earned. They have proven throughout history that greed, not the interest of the people, drives them. The sole function of a corporation or business is to make money–the more the better–by whatever means necessary.
Companies have been on the wrong side of history in more cases than not; whether we were to look at the 20th century introduction of child labor laws and unionization of workers, or the need for anti-trust laws due to companies stamping out their competition, the greed of those profiting has proven that they are incapable of making decisions to avoid human suffering, if it costs them more money.
That we can trust internet service providers not to accept money from companies in exchange for either damaging the services given to their competition or giving them premium service is not something I believe that anyone believes.
Companies need to have restrictions and regulations placed upon them, because they will not do anything to undercut their own profit or negatively affect the profits of their competitors.
In the early 20th century, many things happened in the United States that worked towards putting more in the hands of the people. There are many issues with the free market; however, it is clear that we’ve come a long way from having children work in dangerous environments, having people work for less than what they can afford to live on, and having one company monopolize a market. This long way that we’ve come, though it isn’t perfect, hinges on these corporate regulations. We know that they won’t do what is right without them. They’ve demonstrated this time and again.
I was told once that if a stop sign exists, it won’t ever be removed. That doesn’t appear to be true any more, at least not without a fight.
All this is to say, please do not make net neutrality another thing that people need to fight for.
Thank you for time,
Jim B”

This is my note to the FCC. Again, I encourage everyone to make a point of letting them know how you feel about net neutrality.


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