Mo Info, Mo Problems

Haven’t written anything in a while, and right now I’m on my phone, but after doing what I spend about 30% of my phone time doing (scrolling through twitter), I’ve come to the conclusion that the information overload is continuously problematic and unnecessary. Not exactly a new opinion, I know.

The problems center on the idea that misinformation can now be easily confused with the legitimate. Most people don’t source what they’re reading, so publishing an article (which is way too easy nowadays–I’m doing it right now) with the headline, “President Trump tweets ‘Fuck you,’ at German Chancelor Angela Merkel, takes it down 12 seconds later,” would be believed by a portion of people. The same goes in the other direction as well. This works for all directions in fact, because with this overload of information comes a blurring of the sides, such as naturally occurs a when you have a complex issue with many, many different views on it; however, this blurring in actual dialogue is ok, since dialogue is typically one on one or some other small gathering. The problem is that on the internet, and here I’m using twitter as the example again, a mimicking of real life exists, in that there are many many opinions, flying east, west, north, south, even east-southwest.

Because on the internet pretty much everything is possible, so nothing is accomplished.

Although, if nothing were actually what was accomplished, then there wouldn’t be any problems. It’s this blurring of the lines, confusing the real with the fake, aligning certain ideas with one larger thing that it could be a part of, but just isn’t exclusively, or in some cases doesn’t even make sense that it is aligned with that at all (see for example the name “Kekistan,” about which I honestly haven’t done a ton of research, mostly cause this group disgusts me, but if you consider that this is a largely islamaphobic group, which are they naming their organization, hashtag, whatever, in the same naming pattern of nations that are primarily Islamic).

While these confusions exist, it is near impossible to receive an actual understanding of what’s truly going on. My apologies for any incohesiveness to this. It’s hard to write on a phone, harder to edit on one, so there may also be typos. Final note, I’m always impressed by the people who wrote 10+ tweet long threads that are seemingly well researched and contain little to no typos. How do they do that, really.

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