Germany 6

This series has taken much longer to write about than I had previously imagined. Apparently sitting down and writing every day isn’t something that’s easy to do; so much Netflix, hangouts, video games, and then also work.

In any case, it’s really convenient that my phone will store the date, time and location of any photo that’s been taken. Those are mostly what I’m relying on for the timing, setting, etc of all these little stories from my trip to Germany.

According to my photo album’s chronology, the next day we went to one of Emily’s regular spots in Kreuzberg, Wiener Blut (Viennese Blood). Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-04 um 13.56.37.png

As with a handful of the other bars we visited while in Berlin, the atmosphere was mostly red and disco-lighted. It has a pretty standard layout, deep and narrow, on the right there’s the bar, in the back there’s a more open space with booths on the walls. We took one and ordered a couple lagers, smoked some cigarettes, as you do in Berlin. It’s a cool place, not too loud, decent playlist, and a good place to start the night off.

After that we walked down Wiener Straße, looking for another place to check out.

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