Introduction to German

A few years ago I started dating my girlfriend. She's crazy smart and studied German in school, both high school and college, and also was part of an exchange program in Dresden and Berlin. I wasn't much of a student throughout high school--I can't really think of another time in my life when I cared less... Continue Reading →

Dystopia 2020 (unfinished)

Below is a piece that I began working on back in January (2017). I never really had an outline for it, though I did go back and edit it every couple months for a while. At this point I'm done with it, and I figure, why not just put it out there and let whoever... Continue Reading →

Imaginary Rehearsal Therapy

It   A while ago, I had this idea. I guess. Honestly, this was saved in my drafts, and the only text saved (aside from the title, which I rather like) was the word above. "It" Ok, Past-me, what were you thinking about when you wrote this title? Is this a thing, a concept that... Continue Reading →

The Problem with The Babysitter

In one of Netflix’s newer film releases, The Babysitter, none of the characters do any of the things the audience would do. Standard fare for a horror movie is for the protagonist to react to various situations in ways that make the viewer say to themselves, “don’t go upstairs” or “in the basement,” etc. But with... Continue Reading →

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