Imaginary Rehearsal Therapy



A while ago, I had this idea. I guess. Honestly, this was saved in my drafts, and the only text saved (aside from the title, which I rather like) was the word above. “It”

Ok, Past-me, what were you thinking about when you wrote this title? Is this a thing, a concept that I’d heard of and decided to write about? I’ll google it quick; more info to follow.

Yeah. It is. And it sounds like something people may be interested in, but I’m kind of not.

Though, I definitely created this draft a couple months ago, I do think it’s interesting that what IRT focusses on is relieving nightmares, and the last time I had a nightmare was after I fell asleep re-watching It (1990).

Humans are just pattern recognition machines, and despite the fact that these things are all completely unrelated, it’s fun to find these connections.

Well, that’s kind of all I have to say about that–Thanks for reading!

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