Germany (3)

After checking into the Sunflower Hostel (Friedrichshain), we hung out in the room for an hour or two. I think I took a nap after reading for a bit. Eventually, we decided to go out and get some food. Before we left for Germany, I talked to a friend of mine from St. Paul, who'd lived in Köln... Continue Reading →

Germany (2)

When we arrived in Dublin at about 5a on 14 March, we headed toward our connecting flight. As soon as the gate attendant scanned my ticket, I could tell from the beep the machine made that something wasn't right. Turns out, there were strikes at Tegel that day over working conditions and our flight had been... Continue Reading →

Solipsism, or When Beth Met William

William A. Blank was a peculiar man. He entered the room, and nobody noticed him. With his black, white and grey argyle sweater and pleated black trousers, he looked simultaneously intriguing and nondescript. Casually taking his seat at an open table near the entrance, he began chatting with the girl across from him. As he and the... Continue Reading →

Germany (1)

A few years ago, my girlfriend offered to teach me how to speak German. I took her up on this, and we began around May 2014. The language became the thing I was most interested in for a solid two years. Almost weekly we'd go to Stammtisch meetings, which are basically just where people who speak German... Continue Reading →

Things I Wish Customers Didn’t Say

Having worked almost exclusively in the retail industry since high school, I've worked in a lot of different stores all over at least 3 different metropolitan areas and feel comfortable saying that the annoying tendencies of certain customers knows no geographic bounds. The following is a list of things that customers say that range from... Continue Reading →

Amazing Artists, Irrelevant Debuts

I've been thinking about this for a while, a couple years even. I'd suggested it to other people, but no one's taken me up on it, so far as I know. Side note, I am aware of Rolling Stone Magazine's list, but I have to question what they mean by great artists when they include the artists... Continue Reading →

Pattern Recognition

I've been thinking a lot about the worst American presidents. It looks like I will have lived through at least two who are (or will be in the top ten). One of them, George W. Bush, already often ranks around ninth or tenth on the lists. The other, Donald Trump, doesn't get ranked at this point--for... Continue Reading →


While I was on break at work the other day, someone I didn't know, but who clearly worked at my store, came over to the smoker's table and sat on the other end. I turned and said something like: You're new, right? Yeah. I'm Jim. (they replied with their name, which I'll leave out for reasons)... Continue Reading →

I Wasn’t A Teenage Anarchist

I wasn't even a teenage Against Me! fan. I did listen to punk and hardcore that'd be considered at least adjacent, if not directly related, to Against Me! though. I mean, whenever I went to AYP or Zipperhead there was this: As well as this: It seems to be agreed by some people that most outgrow their teenage selves,... Continue Reading →

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